Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Week 5: Highlights

Boy, I'm a little behind in my posting, aren't I?

I think I posted most of the highlights from Week 5 but there are a few more that I missed.

Since we are studying pyramids and mummies, we learned about the decaying process and how the Egyptians were able to slow that process down.

We conducted our own experiment with bread.

One slice we toasted and placed into a baggie.

The second slice we coated with hand sanitizer and then bagged it.

The last slice we kept plain.

Simple experiment-yes but also highly effective.

I was actually surprised how well toasting worked to preserve the bread.
And it was nice to see the hand sanitizer worked very, very well.
(That's a hole in the middle not mold. The wetness made it tear as we applied it.)

If you really want to check out our mold, you can click on the picture to enlarge it (wink).

Last week we were also preparing to learn about Abraham's journeys.

The kids labeled a map of the Middle East today.

I thought Ms. Brigitta did a fabulous job.

We also listened to Vivaldi "Spring" and painted pictures inspired by the music.

We also did an impromptu celebration of the Feast of Succoth.

(Our mini sukkahs to decorate the table)

We baked our challah (bread) and made honey butter (yummy).

We kept it simple with a soup and an Hot Apple Delight for dessert.

It was still a sweet, rich experience and we appreciated the fact that we all live in temporary "tents." We look forward and upward to the day when we dwell in our new bodies, free from decay, in the presence of Love Himself.

Until then, we trust Jesus for our provision and remember God's faithfulness to the Hebrews as they traveled in the desert and His faithfulness to us as we travel on our journey to sanctification.


Andrea Bell said...

Ok...I admit..the first thing I did was look at the mold:) eheheheh Kinda like touching the plate after the waiter says, "it's hot"

I am diggin Miss Liesl's painting!!!! Way to go girly.

Andrea Bell said...

oh....this is a fun page...:)

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