Friday, October 3, 2008

There's No Escape

Okay, so today we made a reed boat.

Everyone was working hard as I looked over to see how "mister" was coming along with tying bundles of dried grasses together.

This is what I saw-

Yes, it's Luke Skywalker fishing with a "reed" fishing pole.

The boat got finished and we moved on to Sister Wendy and the Story of Painting video tape we checked out from the library.

Sister Wendy was teaching us the finer points of Renaissance painting.

She spent some time on this painting by Botticelli (depicting Mars and Venus).

The camera slowly panned over the painting as Sister Wendy drew us into the subtleties of meaning- Love having victory over War, the withdrawal of man and loneliness of woman, etc...

The camera passed over this section of the painting-

What did my Fine Arts major, extensively studied art history ears hear?

"Hey Mom, doesn't that look like Darth Vader?"

I took comfort in the fact that he, being a 7 year old boy, was actually paying attention.

(suppressing laughter) All I could reply was, "Yes son, that did look a little like Darth Vader."

To you, my bloggy friends who understand the challenges unique to home education, I can only say...

in my very, very best James Earl Jones voice,

"There's no escape."


Meghan said...

He's too cute. Don't you love 7 year olds?!

Andrea Bell said...

He does look like Darth Vader:) eheheheh Good on Elijah:) heheh

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said... make me laugh,Mom.

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