Friday, October 24, 2008

Special Guest Poster

It turns out I don't have a bacterial infection OR a viral infection. Somewhere in my comings and goings I picked up a parasite.

This would explain why everyday I feel worse than the day before.

Since I'm not having any activity north of my very sore, burning throat (i.e. brain is on vacation) In my mental absence, I've decided to ask my dear friend Stacey if I could share one of her posts that made me laugh out loud. Because, quite frankly, I could use a good laugh.

So without further ado, I bring you Stacey from
The World As I See It...From My Couch and Beyond!

Attention all excessive exclamation point users!!

I am your queen!

You will bow before my impressive ability to make even the most inane sentence appear to burst with excitement!!!

Witness as I use exclamation point, after exclamation point to emphasize my utterly titillating communications!!!

Going to the store?!!! Folding laundry?!!!! Eating a piece of toast?!!!!!

All of these activities can sound absolutely thrilling if you simply throw a couple of exclamation points at the end of your sentence!!

Just look above the number 1 on your keyboard and you will find this brilliant little punctuation! Act now and your typing can be just as spectacular as mine!!!!!!!

Ok, seriously. As I'm reviewing previous posts and comments that I've left, I see that I have a little too much love for this little punctuation. I apologize for the abuse of the exclamation point. I will try to appear calmer in my future postings. :) Oh, and I'll deal with my over-use of the sideways smiley face another day! :)



Sirdvd said...

I love it! I am a liberal exclamation point user myself! I also like the ....'s a lot too. They are fun for dramatic pause. Anywho, great idea Miss Lainie-pants. Sorry about the parasite...yuck!

Andrea Bell said...


Lainie said...

Ann, you make me laugh...!!!!! :)

There-I included everything! Ta-dah!

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