Thursday, October 2, 2008

Speaking of Laundry

Just a little update on the homemade detergent -

I've been keeping a tally of the loads done with the homemade stuff so I can see just how much one batch makes.


I haven't even finished one container yet (which is 1/2 a batch).

Guess how many loads so far.

Go ahead, guess.

Ah, never mind, I'll just tell you.

(drum roll please)

27 loads of laundry

From the looks of it, I'll get 35-ish loads from one container.
So that's 70 loads from a single batch which,
if I may refresh your memory,
cost $.71 to make.

Oh baby!


Meghan said...

Oh baby is right! And it really works huh?

Lainie said...

Yup. I asked my friend Stacey who just made herself a batch how she was liking it and she thinks it's great.

When I would like a little fragrance in the load, I put some very diluted (10-20 drops per 2 L of water) essential oil in the rinse cup. Comes out great!

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