Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So, you know you have problems when...

Your naturopathic doctor tells you to go to Kaiser and get antibiotics.

And you know you got problems when the Kaiser doctor looks in your ear and says,
"Ewww...that looks really bad!"

All kidding aside, I want to say Thank You to all of you for the emails and phone calls but mostly for the prayers! You are all soooo sweet to me. I am just blessed beyond measure.

I've learned a few things about myself along the way.

Although the Lord has done incredible things with my health especially this last year, I'm no Wonder Woman.

I do much better if I prevent getting sick in the first place. Once sick it's a fast drop to needing hospitalization!

And lastly, when I am fighting off a cold, not sleeping for 48 hours and flying across the country is not the best thing for this fragile girl.

But, I wouldn't have missed my trip to Missouri for anything!

So, just a little update to let you know I am the lucky winner of:

• a middle ear infection-specifically a bullous myringitis ex tussia. Those are just fancy, $10 words that mean I have a huge blood clot in my ear from coughing my head off.

• bronchitis-what fun. Especially since I have asthma. Breathing is optional right?

and an added bonus because I haven't been sick in a year...

• Pink Eye!!!!

Whoo-hoo!!! There is a party going on over here I tell ya.

But, the real bonus of all this illness?

My jeans are fitting really good.

Nothing like multiple infections to help you lose weight!


Kim (aka- Kanga-mom and sometimes Rabbit-mommy) said...

Oh Man! The last time we spoke you were going to see your Naturopath that day. It was a good thing! I'm praying for you. I love that you are still able to be witty wilst battling such a variety of ailments.

Go skinny jeans!

Love you!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Did you like my timid try at posting? This is Kathy and I just hope that you are feeling even the slightest bit better:)

Lainie said...

Kathy, you are so cute! Thank you for persevering! You did it :)

Andrea Bell said...

yikes....well the plus side is that all those things can be fixed and you should be feeling on the mend in a few days...but I am sorry you are sick.

Alicen said...

hmmmm.... maybe i need to come over and have you sneeze on me and rub faces together, cuz my jeans are feeling extra tight tonight. ;) no really, i really hope you get better soon. it's no fun being sick when you got little ones to take care of, although your kids are so nurturing and smart, they'll take great care of you i'm sure!!!

Lainie said...

You're right Alicen, they are taking good care of me!

You made me laugh so hard I cough at your post.
I could picture sneezing on you and rubbing faces and it CRACKED me up.

You crazy girlfriend!

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