Monday, October 13, 2008

Shaken and Stirred

I'm fighting a cold and have no current thoughts in my head worth typing out.

This is a piece I wrote a few years ago that has never been published. I hope it blesses you.

I was eating a salad awhile back with this wonderful dressing called Garlic Expressions (very yummy) and I noticed some writing on the bottle.

It said, "Shake vigorously: Natural Separation Occurs."

I thought, "Ain't that the truth!"

I remembered that salad dressing is made up of oil, vinegar and water that naturally tend to separate. The oil floats on top, then the water. On the bottom- vinegar.

Since oil is a picture of the Holy Spirit and water the Word of God, it is so fitting that we are like vinegar-"bad (fermented) fruit" sitting on the bottom.

Ah, but with the infusion of the Holy Spirit and the water of God's Word we are changed from something pungent and bitter to something pleasant and useful like salad dressing. Even as a cleaning agent, vinegar still needs to be diluted with water.

Truly, apart from Jesus we can do nothing.

But like the salad dressing, over time, with no proactive action, things settle out and separation occurs. We feel far from God and weak in power of the Holy Spirit. It takes effort and working with the Lord to allow the Spirit into all the areas of our life. A "shaking vigorously!"

We need a shaking of our complacency. A shaking of our routines and what can be empty rituals in order to have a spiced up, flavor filled life in the Spirit of God that can be poured out for others to enjoy.

Exclaiming for all, "O, taste and see that the Lord is good." Ps 34:8

Not only a shaking of our routines but a stirring in our hearts towards the things of eternity. Our hearts need to be stirred towards obedience to God and living a life solely for His pleasure. What may start with a shaking becomes a stirring to follow Jesus no matter the cost to us. This is a robust life.

May you continue to be shaken and stirred and live a spiced up life for Jesus.

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watchthesky said...

Hello Maggie,
Thanks for saying hello! :0)
So glad you enjoyed the video. I loved it as well!
And great post to greet me here too. I need to be 'shaken up' many times a day just to keep afloat sometimes. : )
Thanks for the encouragement.

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