Saturday, October 18, 2008

Second Random

This is my next installment of randomness.

#2- I have a sodium deficiency. I love salt. I need salt. I Must Have Salt.

I carry a bottle of salt with me. I keep it in my van.

If you ever cook for me, please don't think I don't like your cooking if I add salt.

I'm balancing my electrolytes--nothing personal.

If we ever go to a restaurant together and I start salting my food like all get out, please don't stare at me like I have three heads. It's okay really. I promise to not (Lord willing) drop dead from a heart attack and leave you with the bill.

Papa went to see my naturopath recently. Guess who I got the wacky electrolytes from?

Yup, turns out Papa has been running a quart low in the electrolyte department too.

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