Saturday, October 25, 2008

Randoms #4,5 & 6

I was so diligent in preparing and scheduling posts before my trip to Missouri but ever since I've been back I've been a little off my groove.

In an attempt to find said groove, I will add to my list of randoms that I need to complete.

Random #4-
I have video footage of my 15 seconds of fame while at the Emmy awards.

I was a seat filler but I ended up being placed in the seat of a no-show. So I got to sit in a really good seat the whole evening. I didn't realize I was sitting next to people "in the business" until "they" won an award and all got up to do the hug and kiss procedure.

Apparently, I was sitting next to the executive producers for "L.A. Law." Marlee Matlin was in front of me. It was all very exciting.

There is whole big long story to that night but I shall save it for another day.

Random #5-
I won second place in the Bicycle Rodeo when I was in the 5th grade.

Apparently, having all the safety equipment boosted my score.

My wheels at the time? White frame with yellow and orange flowers, banana seat and the words "Cactus Flower" painted on the side.

My parents were so excited to give it to me for my birthday but I cried when I saw it. I was such a tomboy that I asked for and hoped to get a BMX dirtbike. I felt so misunderstood.

I have since recognized how awful my poor Mom must have felt. I've apologized for being totally ungrateful. Nana's so sweet. She apologized to me and said she didn't know I was serious about the whole dirtbike thing.

Random #6-
My children being sick bring out the best in me as a parent.

Brigitta was sooooo sick tonight. She went downhill pretty fast. I can't believe it was just this afternoon she was mummifying her brother.

Even though I wasn't feeling the greatest, as soon as she... launched into reverse (digestively speaking) that "thing" kicked in and my thought and concern was only for caring for her. I've experienced it again and again over the years. Especially those long months and months of caring for Kurt as he was in and out of the hospital/doctor's office. That tender, protective Mommy-thing takes over and suddenly I'm filled with such a sense of purpose.

I would like to be "that" Mom much more than I am.

You know, like Kanga from Winnie the Pooh.

I hope to increase in tenderness towards my children when they're healthy and loud and did I mention loud?

Motherhood is definitely a work-in-progress deal for me.

(I'm glad God gives us parents a second chance to do things better with grandchildren. I should have at least 10 years to practice until then.)

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Andrea Bell said...

mm...I see Kanga in you more and more:)

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