Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Practically Speaking: Emergency Consent Form

We are leaving for a trip on Thursday and one of our preparations is filling out an Emergency Consent Form.

We leave this form with Grandma so in case any medical emergencies arise in our absence, she can authorize care.

I typed up a generic form and uploaded it to Scribd.
For whatever reason, it looks funny in the preview over there. There are weird page breaks that made it 3 pages long. However, I downloaded and printed it from there and it came out fine. Weird breaks were gone and it was only 2 pages. FYI.

You are more than welcome to download and print this form. Simply click here: Emergency Consent Form.

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Robin said...

Very clever, and definitely a good idea.

When my parents watched my kids last year we had a 5 page document on "the care and feeding of our kids" to leave for them - morning and bedtime routines, what to bring to school each day, friends' phone numbers, directions to activities, etc.

Grammy said...

Good Ideal thanks.Enjoy your trip.

Deanna said...

A very good idea. We had one of those made up. It is also good to get it notarized to avoid any silliness at the hospital should your caregivers need to take you child.

Heather said...

As a kid, my sister carried one of these with her wherever she went. Poor thing was a mite accident-prone. Thanks for the link - I'll be using this for my 2 year-old!

Wildwood Mama said...

Wow, thanks! I never even thought to do that.

Tara said...

Great idea thanks.. You never know when you need those forms!

Rebeckah said...

Thanks. This is a great idea : )!

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