Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Practically Speaking: Biography for Babes

I've been trying to regularly participate in Works For Me Wednesday, the carnival at Rocks In My Dryer. Check it out for great tips from household to childcare to blogging tips.

My contribution for this week is a "biography for babes."


Well, I keep a Word document for each of my children. On there I list all their extracurricular activities, performances and awards.

At some point, should the Lord tarry, they will need to fill out applications that require a list of activities. I know when I've had to fill out applications for myself that it catches me off guard and I completely blank on the information.

Our girls dance so for each performance I type up the year, their ballet grade, the name of performance, like Nutcracker, and their role (mouse, soldier, etc...) and I also include the number of performances (two matinees, three evening, etc...).

I do the same for music performances, awards or honors, as well as volunteer work.

Not only does this help organize the information, I can also see if our activities are balanced.

I want them to have a nice balance of physical, academic and musical activities while making sure we never forget to have a heart to serve others in our community as well as in our church body.


The Gluten-Free Homemaker said...

That's a good idea. In high school I try to keep a list of all the books they read for school or pleasure. A few years back a friend of mine was caught off guard because they had to list all the books on a college application.

Lainie said...

Good to know! Thank you twice today :)

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