Monday, October 27, 2008

I've been tagged yet again!

I haven't even finished my "randoms" from being tagged and now I have a new one!

I was going to ignore it but when I read to the end of the post, I was specifically named!

At least this one is faster to do (once I figured it out). Courtesy of Mamahollioni, who unfortunately has a private blog, this is the:

6th folder, 6th photo tag.

You're supposed to scroll through your pictures and find the sixth folder of pictures and post the sixth photo within that folder.

I have mine organized by albums/events. The sixth album and sixth photo is this one.

Let's all say, "Ahhhhh" together.

One, two, three..."Ahhhhhhh."

This is my boy on his first day of preschool (sniff, sniff).

He was so healthy in this picture. We didn't know the long hard winter we had in front of us.
Ah, but on this day, he is a picture of health.

Look at those cheeks!!! He has chubby hands still! Ooooh, I want to eat him.

It seems like yesterday.

Now he's my big boy-


Andrea Bell said...

time flies doesn't it? sheesh...still a cutie pie...

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that Around the same time I met him?

Lainie said...

Yup I think so. Because I met you for the first time when you were in second grade. I think you met the kids about a year after that.

Time flies huh?

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