Thursday, October 2, 2008

In Which I Step On My Son

It seemed like a simple request.

"Kurt, please strip your bed and bring your sheets down."

Near as I can tell, there's nothing remarkable or dangerous about that sentence.

Yet, as a result of that sentence my finger hurts, my neck is aching and my ankle may be sprained.

My dear son quickly and willingly obeyed my instructions.

As I was trying to walk through the short hallway outside of our laundry room,
I saw the pile of sheets and blankets patiently waiting their turn in the washing machine.

Unfortunately, there was not room for me to step around the pile.
So, I stepped onto the pile.

But of course me being so silly, completely forgot that my son would hide himself in the pile of sheets and blankets.

I stepped on him which caused me to roll my ankle,
which led to me losing my balance,
which led to me putting my hand out
to keep from slamming my head into the wall.

Beware ladies and gentlemen, laundry can be a dangerous thing.

p.s. The little mister is fine. I stepped on his back. Apparently he's tough :)


Andrea Bell said...

owie...poor mommy...

Andrea Bell said...

is that what they call a stepson..hheheeheheheh...sorry...I tired

Anonymous said...

Hi Lainie! I finally figured out WHAT to click to leave a comment:) I'm so sorry about your TRIP. I had a lovely trip the Chinese Gardens today. Stepson, that's funny.. Kathy

Lainie said...

Yea!!! Good for you...and me!
Welcome aboard :)

Stepson, trip, oh yeah, you guys are hilarious.

Andrea Bell said...

waka waka waka

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