Friday, October 10, 2008

Guest Book

It occurred to me today to create a place for people to introduce themselves and say, "Hi."

So this post is my Guest Book. Feel free, whether you are new or old to Mishmash to say,

"Hey y'all!"

Just leave your greeting in the comment section and it will be here for others to get to know you too.

If you're a blogger, this will give others a chance to check out your place too!


Anonymous said...

HI Mom! It's Leisl. I like this whole guest book deal. It's COOL! Do I get a key? (one problem- I don't drink coffee!)
Okay, signing out.
p.s. have you read my revisions yet on my thing?

Auntie said...

Howdy y'all. I'm Aunie Cindy from San Diego. Nice to meet you!

Andrea Bell said...

Hello girlies:)

Ann here...lovin Miss Maggie and the Mash...sounds like a band...hmmm...:)

Lainie said...

You guys make me laugh! I love it :)

Thanks for being regulars even when we're irregular (if ya know what I mean-wink)

Anonymous said...

This is Papa. Good Job Lain!!!

Anonymous said...

This is your Captain speaking! Wow - you sure have a nice place! Do you mind if I take a look around a bit? .... Love it. See you real soon.

Kim said...

Hello Miss Mags!!!!! It's Kim here, and I love your blog! I also like reading everyone's comments and hearing what's going on with them. Thanks for the suggestions for making my blog more interesting to look at. I definitely need help in the creative design department!

Love you!

Pam at Beyond Just Mom said...

Hi Lainie,
What a fun site! Thanks for visiting my site today. Look forward to reading more.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Am I officially in the guestbook? Cool. Well, signing off now...

Stacey :)

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Hey Lainie, I love your site. You are too cool. lol. God Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lainie,
I've visited your blog often since seeing it the MFW board. We are in CtoG also and my dc have more than once asked to see if your crew has done a craft and posted pictures. :)
Fun to see others doing the very same thing, but different.
I'm not in the blog world to share a site, but wanted to say hi.

Lainie said...

Hey Mrs. B.G. ( as we call you around here). It's nice to know I have a sister in the faith in NY. I think you're cool too--even though you're making me poor (I keep buying songs from iTunes that are in your mix! Ha LOL

Lainie said...

Thank you for stopping by my fellow MFW'er. I wish I knew who you were!! Sorry I've been slacking on posting home education stuff--been a little sick. I shall remedy tonight!

Anonymous said...

I love the e-mail me button, its so cute. Is that the mail box from Blue's Clue's, its looks kinda familiar?
Katie =)

Anonymous said...

I love love love the new background =)

Anonymous said...

I also totally love this one too, I think I like it better than the other one. =)\Katie

Anonymous said...

diggin the new background, especially the Christmas part =)
Katie @(^_^)@

Anonymous said...

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