Saturday, October 4, 2008

Feeling Crafty

It's windy and rainy outside so I'm very content to be inside with the fireplace on and my coffee nearby.

But I also wanted to feel like I did something today.

So I took a pair, from the sizeable stack, of Brigitta's jeans that fit her perfectly but have a hole in the knee.

Keep in mind, I love the idea of sewing and all things textile, but I have no idea what I'm doing.

I set out to make a patch for her jeans.

I found an amazing tutorial for making French Knots at Primrose Design.

Now I'm downright dangerous!

Here is my first attempt at "embroidery."
All of you who actually embroider please just humor me.

I go to places like LucyKate Crafts because I'm such a wannabe.

Actually, I go to LucyKate just to look at her header/banner.
It makes me smile.

Whatever your weather, I hope you enjoy your Saturday.


Andrea Bell said...

Cute...I bet she loved it:)

I still have my craft stuff together, and it's sitting there, staring at me, just DARING me to try it. I'm not sure, but I think the soldering tool is sitting in it's package snickering at me. He is very intimidating for such a lil guy. :) ehehehhe

Lainie said...

She was thrilled! I only expected her to use those jeans as play clothes but she said she wants to wear them, like out of the house.


This is really NOT my thing. I should take a class or something...

Only thing is, I don't have the patience for this stuff (hee hee) oh well

GO FOR IT! Soldering is COOL! Christmas-right around the corner. Bring it over some time and I'll help you get over your fear (bug you to death until you try it!)

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