Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When Your Heart Is Overwhelmed

Hear my cry, O God;
attend unto my prayer.
From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee,
when my heart is overwhelmed:
lead me to the rock that is higher than I.
For thou hast been a shelter for me,
and a strong tower from the enemy.
I will abide in thy tabernacle for ever:
I will trust in the covert of thy wings. Selah.
Psalm 61:1-4

The kiddos and I just returned home from the Tuesday night prayer meeting. I feel so blessed to be a part of a church body that prays, teaches only from Scripture, worships and fellowships according to the model given in the Book of Acts. There are waves of uncertainty rocking our heart, our homes and our nation. To know the Truth is to truly be free.

I had such joy on the drive home. But it occurred to me that many people, that many women have no one to pray for them. It ought not to be.

I don't know how this will work. But my thought is to make Tuesday night a Prayer Request Night. Because this is a public blog there needs to be guidelines. These are just first thoughts and are subject to revision. I ask for & value your opinions too. Here is what I'm thinking:

• All prayer requests must be personal (about you or your immediate family). It will be tempting to pray for your Aunt Mabel's, bestfriend's, hairdresser's, dog's vet who broke his leg while skiing. But you can pray for other people. I want to pray for you.

• For privacy, and knowing that the Lord knows the details of your situation, try to make your request as... specifically vague as possible? I know that makes no grammatical sense but stick with me for a minute. An example would be... instead of praying that your teenage son wouldn't answer back and disrespect you, you could ask that your son would walk uprightly and that his speech would glorify God. The purpose being not to bad-mouth or put anyone in a bad light in a public forum but to ask God to work in your heart and the hearts of your family members.

• The prayer requests should be submitted in the comments section so others can pray as led. It will also make giving an update/praise report easy since you could pop back into the same post and add a new comment.

Does this make sense? Is it crazy to try to do an incredibly personal thing via a blog? It's worth a try though, don't you think?

So, consider this our first Tuesday Night prayer. Each week for, let's say one month, I'll post a verse and invite you to share a request. If it works, we'll continue as the Lord leads. If it doesn't work, I'll continue to ask the Lord for wisdom, guidance, and direction.


p.s. I've changed the format for comments in order to make it easier to post a comment. No more word verification and no being directed to a different page. The comments section will appear right after the post with a little white box. Just type and go...hope that helps.


Andrea Bell said...

Sounds like a great idea!!!

Lainie said...

So do you have a pR for this week Ms. Bell?

hitherto said...

Oh...starting this week....hmmm...

Well I would like to have a renewed passion for God's Word. Not the hobby kind of passion that comes in spurts. But a deep seeded, everyday, not for more knowledge but to grow in my relationship with Jesus, can't live without it passion. How is that? Vaguely detailed:) hehehehhe That is what I LONG for.

Andrea Bell said...

ps...the above comment was mine..didn't realize katie was signed in to my computer..

Lainie said...

Done! That was easy and a joy to lift up to the Lord :)

Andrea Bell said...

heehehe digging the "lettuce pray" ehhehehehe

Makes me want a salad

Anonymous said...

Pray that my son, who has God in his heart, will have wisdom to do what's in his heart rather than do what is of this world.

Lainie said...

Dear Jesus, We humbly come before You and ask, as Mom's that love our children, that You would grant them wisdom to know Your will. Lord, we ask that through Your Holy Spirit, they would have the strength, courage and conviction to carry it out. Help them to walk in the light as You are the Light.

For this particular Mom's son, I ask that You would grow a desire for holiness in his heart and that he would see, truly see, that the things of this world are empty and vain.

And Lord, please comfort this Mom with Your perfect love that casts out fear.


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