Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We're Here!

We just got home from our trip to Wildhorse Canyon Ranch.

We had a blast! If feels good to be home though. I missed my bed!

We arrived home some time after 5 pm so I'm sure today will be spent finishing up laundry and getting caught up. But for once I don't feel overwhelmed by a return from a trip. I just feel good and happy to be here.

Even though we were there volunteering for Multnomah Bible College's Fall Retreat, we were able to sit in on the teaching sessions and participate with their activities. So I'm sure I will have a few posts about what the Lord showed us during the retreat. But it'll take me a few days to sort thoughts. Sorting socks, shorts and T-shirts is definitely faster than working through ideas lately. But that's okay too! We can wait, right?

But there was one sweet little thing I wanted to share this morning.

I haven't packed our girls for a trip in years. Somewhere around 1st grade I teach them to make a packing list and show it to me for approval. Once they get the okay, they pack themselves into their own bags.

Well, this was Kurt's year to pack himself. He, of course, is way too busy to bother with a list! (i.e. Mom was too lazy to enforce list writing with third born child).
He came and told me what he was bringing and I gave him the thumbs up. Because Nana and Papa came with us we had to do some creative sharing to fit everything into the bags we had. So I volunteered to share with Kurt.

He was so excited to 1) go to Wildhorse this year and 2) be a big enough kid to pack his own bag.
He packed bright and early Friday morning.
I had the Captain bring the bag to our room so I could put my things in there.

I opened my "big" boy's bag and what do I behold?

He's packed his babies! It was so sweet!

This is Ted (can't believe I'm making-up fake blog names for stuffed animals!)
and his buddy Frank

He's in that sweet stage of trying to be a big boy even though he's not quite ready to make the full leap. His bag also contained his Nintendo DS:

But in case you were wondering, he did manage to pack his toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss, clean underwear, pj's and clean clothes. He did a great job! Maybe my little boy is growing up...sniff, sniff

Ahhh, but then I remember our trip to the Black Bear Diner in Madras. Nana couldn't leave without getting him a little, soft stuffed black bear because he said, "He is so cute!"

I think I'll be able to enjoy my little, sweet boy for a little longer...

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Andrea Bell said...

This may sound silly, but that little black bear looks like he is gently watching over his boy:) I love that he is still there, it won't be long until it's all skateboards and bikes and the soft play things will be put away. I am so glad you get to enjoy it for a bit longer:) YEAH

Sounds like your trip was awesome, and I am definitely glad you are all back safe and sound.

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