Sunday, September 21, 2008

Week 2: Highlights

This week, besides the core subjects, we studied the creation of Adam and Eve, The Fall, and Cain and Abel. Here are notebooking samples and an update of our timeline.

Our 2nd grader:

3rd grader:

She's so cute! She wrote "cheribun" instead of "cherubim."

And 6th grader:

Finally, the timeline:


Sirdvd said...

Sweet pictures! It looks like they are having a great time and learning a ton.

Anonymous said...

To Liesl, Brigitta & Kurt,
I like your notebooking pages! They are really cool. Have fun home schooling.

Sarah, your fellow home schooling BFF :-)

Lainie said...

Sarah you're so cute! Thanks for stopping by! We can't wait to see your stuff too.

Have a great week :)

Crystal said...

We are doing CTG this year. I have been wondering how I am going to have my 1st grader and 3rd grader do their notebooking with lines on the page. Where did you get your notebooking pages for the younger children?

Crystal said...

Sorry, I didn't leave contact

shane sterk said...

hello. i check out your blog every now and then and love it. we are starting ctg next week. I was wondering where you got your notebooking pages for OT stories. MFW doesn't include pages for every story. I realize I can use blank pages and have kids draw and write but I liked your pages as well. Do you remember when they came from. thanks.

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