Saturday, September 6, 2008

Speaking of Tonsils

I've had a couple of mild sore throats lately so I had The Captain take a little peek.

Captain: "Say, 'Ahhhh.'"

Me: "Ahhhh,gggg." (I have a very strong gag reflex)

Captain: "Hmm, not too bad. The tonsil on your right is a little inflamed."

Me: "I don't have a tonsil on the right. Or the left. They were removed. Twice."

Captain: "Hmmm. Well, you've got a tonsil on the right now."

Oh, that's just peachy. Funny, I don't remember growing up near a nuclear reactor.

Maybe I should change my blog to "Mutant Mishmash Maggie."



Mamahollioni said...

How are you blogging right now? I thought you were at Wild Horse for the weekend?? Not that I mind you are is good to hear about your mutant-self. I just thought that Wild Horse was in the middle of nowhere?! Regardless, I hope you and the fam are having a good time!

Auntie said...

Hey "Mutant". You had to talk about your tonsils the day before, and now look....They've come back to haunt you.

Kim said...

LOL! Ah, Mutant Mishmash Maggie Momma! Love it! Who knew you could grow 3 sets of tonsils. Hope Wild Horse went well. Talk to you soon.

Lainie said...

Mamahollioni, two words-

Scheduled posts

Y'all are kind enough to stop by, I'm not gonna leave my girlfriends hangin'!

Andrea Bell said...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song is running through my mind:) ehheehehh

Anonymous said...

How is this possible? We're you bitten by a radioactive spider or something? Should I be expecting super strong thread to come shooting out of your wrists now?

Does this mean that "Procrasti-girl" and "Mutant-Maggie" can go fight crime together on the weekends?

- Stace a.k.a. Procrasti-girl.

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