Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday Night Fever

This is the strip of grass outside our house.

Isn't it lovely?

Dare I say, romantic?

Well, you might not think so, but there are others that would disagree with you.

Mainly, the two teenagers that were laying down on our grass--


Yes, as I did a final check before heading upstairs I looked out of the small windows that run parallel to our front door.

I noticed a car stopped in front of our house.

"Hmm, weird," I thought.

I had to strain my eyes to that a man lying on our grass? Yes, it is!

Is he sick? Is he having a heart attack?

I ran up the stairs, barged into the bathroom, "Karl, come quick, I think there is a man getting sick in our yard!"

The Captain didn't look alarmed. He didn't move very quickly.

I headed back downstairs and this person looked like he was writhing in pain.

I ran back up the stairs, (huff, huff), "Karl, should I call 9-1-1?"

Karl, very calmly, "No...just call the non-emergency number."


"Yeah, it's not a man being's two teenagers making out. I saw them before I went upstairs to shower. I thought they'd be gone by now."


So I called the police non-emergency line, the dispatcher was amused. I was not amused at all.
There happened to be an officer nearby. He called and we chatted while he drove over.

"Are the lovebirds (he actually called them lovebirds) still there?"
Yeah, though not on the grass any more.

They were leaning passionately against the car.

In front of my house.

You know, where my children sleep.

Yeah, not amused.

The officer came, checked IDs, and sent them on their way. He was 18 and she (it was 12:30am) was 16. Sigh.

What would I want someone, who saw my 16 year old daughter making out with some guy in the middle of the street, to do?

I prayed. The Captain and I prayed together. We prayed for her purity and for his character.
We prayed that this brush with the law would make them soft to the voice of the Lord. We prayed for repentance and that they would recognize that it was God's grace that intervened. We prayed for the high schoolers in our area, young people everywhere, and for our children.

I was sad when I went to bed. I also felt like I wanted to go out and wash the lawn but that's beside the point.

Every generation has to make their choices. It is so hard to watch them make bad choices. They have no idea how a little "fun" on a Saturday night will affect them over the long haul.

Pray for our young people. They are being deceived by the Deceiver himself and they are believing him. Please pray for revival of believers everywhere to be the voice of His Truth.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you were able to turn a sad situation into a catalyst for a good prayer session.


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