Sunday, September 21, 2008

More on Noah

On Friday we measured out Noah's Ark.

Before we did that, we read about the purpose of the ark in The Victor Journey through the Bible. To quote, "The ark had one purpose-a floating refuge for Noah, his family, and the animals during the months of the Flood. It had no sails, no oars, and no other way to power it. It had no way for Noah or his family to navigate it toward any certain place. All movement was in the hands of God.

Noah and his family within the ark are excellent examples of people totally committed to God's direction. Once in the ark, they depended completely on God to take them wherever He chose, for as long as He chose, and as fast as He chose."

The Lord quietly convicted my heart that I am not always content to trust the direction He leads my life. Measuring the ark showed me just how huge, how vast the ark was and that as He was the only one capable of closing the door, He is the one only capable of navigating it safely.

I don't know what floods are in my future but I do know that I can trust that I am sealed in the safety and refuge of Jesus and He will lead me to the places I am supposed to go. I can also trust that I will land on the mountaintop of His promise, into His very presence.

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