Saturday, September 27, 2008

Love Covers Over A Multitude of Sin

That's what I whispered in Nana's ear. I owe her BIG TIME!

We, collectively, invited friends from church over for dinner.
But since the requested (by David) specialties (Chicken Curry) are cooked by Nana & Papa,they were taking care of the cooking.

Since they were cooking, we planned on eating at their house.

I offered to make pies for dessert since I figured I was getting off easy. You know, no cooking or cleaning for company.

(Buckle your seat belts 'cause I'm changing direction for a minute. I hope you don't suffer from motion sickness.)

I've had a really, really busy week. Plus, I've been going to bed way too late (my own fault-no excuses).

So today was the first day I really felt was a down day for me.

After breakfast I started fooling around with Mishmash.
The sidebars were driving me crazy.
Everything was getting all cluttered and fryin' my brain.

(Hold on, hard right turn.)

We've had some additional expenses recently so I've been trying to pinch our pennies and not spend money on non-essential items.
Which is a good thing right?

So I have some free stuff I downloaded from Two Peas in a Bucket that I thought I would use to make "buttons" on my sidebar. Every time I venture over to Rocks In My Dryer or Life with My 3 Boybarians, I want to clean up my act. And I decided today was going to be the day.

This is what the free label looked like:

Using Photoshop, I simply filled in the middle with things like "Places I Go, People I See" for the links page, etc.

Each one used a different font. It was simple and didn't take a long time.

I finished up around 10:45 am and called The Captain over to ask his opinion.

K: "I don't like it."

Me: "What don't you like about it."

K: "I don't know. I just don't like it."


Honestly, I didn't love them but I thought they were okay especially considering they were free.

I hopped on Two Peas and found the crumpled up note paper thingies you see to the right*.

(Buckled? Holding on? Good, another hard right.)

Our computer is old and tired and incredibly slooooow. So running applications like Photoshop requires patience. Our internet access is getting slower by the day so downloading graphics also requires patience.

But I had my espresso and I was still in my comfy jammies so I was good to go.

I downloaded the new graphics and started playing in Photoshop. I haven't done that in a while. I really enjoy playing in PS. I would have enjoyed it more with a faster computer but I was still having fun.

I got up periodically and did a few things. I chatted with Mamahollioni and Julie C..But for the most part I just sat at the computer all day.

I did get interrupted occasionally with questions like, "What time is everyone coming over tonight?"

"I don't know. 7pm-ish? After David gets done with his bible study."

I wasn't cooking and it wasn't at our house. I wasn't too worried about it.

I was almost done with the sidebars when The Captain informed me he was going upstairs to shower.

"Great! I'll shower after you. I should be ready in plenty of time.
I'm almost done."

A few minutes later, in walks Nana.

N: "Did you make the pies?"


Me: "What time is it?!"

N: "6 o'clock."

Me: (very lamely) "I forgot. You said you bought that pumpkin pie at Costco. I must have unchecked it from my brain. I'm sorry Nana."

As we're sitting there, in the front room, I hear voices and see shadows on our porch.

Me: (panicky) "Are people here?!"

I hear her say 'Yes' as I'm running out of the front room into the downstairs bathroom.
It's 6 o'clock in the evening, we're having dinner next door and me?

Oh, I am still in my PAJAMAS.

Who could it be? I thought everyone was coming after the study.


I forgot to give the new, later time to the other couple because I didn't think they were going to make it. The voice I heard, over my wildly beating heart, while hiding in my downstairs bathroom was the voice of Jim.

Who is Jim you ask?

Just a friend of the family.
And you know, our...uh,


It's 6 o'clock in the evening, I'm in my jammies, hiding in the bathroom from our pastor.

(We've made enough hard right turns, we're back to the beginning.)

My sweet, precious little Nana answered the door and totally covered for me!

"Oh, we're having dinner next door. Let's go over there! There's nothing going on over here. Lainie just ran upstairs for a minute. She'll be right over."

Oh, thank you Nana! Bless your sweet little gracious heart.

I threw on some clothes, slapped on some make-up and headed next door.

As soon as I came in, I whispered in Nana's ear, "Love covers over a multitude of sin. I owe you big time."

To which she replied, "I've never seen you run so fast!"

By the way, dinner was great.

(Hi Kathy!!! {{{waving}}})

Edited to add: * I have changed the design yet again and the note thingies are no longer here-- in case you were looking


Meghan said...

Aahhhh! I would have been wondering when I was going to wake up from that bad dream! I've definitely been in that situation before, though! Ugh.

Sirdvd said...

Whoa! You are one crazy chick! Aren't moms the best:-)

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! I mean after the fact. I'm sure it wasn't as funny in the midst of the situation. By the way, I love the new post it note thingies with the labels and clips over to the side. Just AWESOME. And better than the free one. Way to go! Stacey-Bug

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