Monday, September 29, 2008

In No Particular Order

There were at least 16 people (including us) at dinner the other night.
I, of course, being so discombobulated did not think to bring my camera.

Thankfully Kathy brought hers and emailed me pics today! Yea :)

Yes, that is a lightsaber you see. We are still very Star Wars crazy over here.

Steve and Papa humoring us.

{{{{Hi Papa (me waving)}}}}}
I would wave to Steve but I don't think he's devotee of The "Mash." hee hee

I think everyone else was outside since it was soooo nice that evening.


Oh, that's the bell. Recess is over, time for school.

(we don't really have a bell)

(we're not really at a recess either...the kids were super tired and are just getting up and eating breakfast--it almost 11am)

I on the other hand, have cleaned our bathroom, stripped our bed and started the sheets, removed the screen from our bedroom window that had bird poopy on it, washed the screen, washed the window, vacuumed our bedroom and here I am, you know, goofing around some more.

Wow, this is the most random post.

I think I'll eat some breakfast, drink some coffee and try to get my act together.



Meghan said...

Did Christina cut her hair?? Looks like you guys had fun!

Andrea Bell said...

looks like a fun time was to be had by all:)

Lainie said...

I don't think she cut her hair?! Most of it might have been behind her shoulders...

Miss you on Thursdays--hope you're doing well :)

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