Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Household Tip #7: Easy Homeschool Desk

We love to do our schooling at the kitchen table.
It works out great for all of us except the little guy.

I noticed last year he would fidget and/or get easily fatigued with any length of writing.

My Father's World has a wonderful message board and I discovered there that it is a common problem especially when your child isn't sitting at a desk that fits him.

We have a little table we sometimes bring into the family room. But it takes a lot of valuable space and can quickly become a catch-all.

So this year I decided to use one of our wooden, folding trays as an impromptu table and it's worked out great.

It's the right height for him and he can remain at the kitchen table with the "big" kids.

When we're done with school for the day, we just fold it up and tuck it away so no clutter builds up on it.

It definitely works for us!

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Six Arrows said...

...I dare say, "Is Little Guy going to school in his jammies?"...isn't homeschooling cool?

Connor and TJ have little desks too...

Lainie said...


I didn't think you could tell they were jammies in the picture! Busted :)

We get dressed for the day...eventually HA! LOL

~~tonya~~ said...

Homeschooling is very cool......especially in PJs.

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