Friday, September 5, 2008

Five Randoms

I got tagged in the "Five Randoms" game forever ago at Mamahollioni's Blog.
I've been a sidetracked blogger not playing along. Soooo, here are five random things about yours truly that you may or may not have known.

1) My favorite scent is clean laundry fresh from the dryer. I love to cuddle with laundry on cold winter mornings. sniffffffff, ahhhhh. It doesn't take much to make me happy.

2) My friend Margeaux named the bunions on my feet. The left is John and the right is Paul.
John "Bunion" and Paul "Bunion"--get it?

3) I had my tonsils removed twice. They grew back a few years after being removed and I had to have them removed again.

4) The one and only thing I ever stole was a pair of sunglasses from Montgomery Wards. I was with a wayward group (didn't know at the time) and we stopped in the store. They were "trying" on glasses and one of them slipped a pair down the sleeve of my baby blue satin jacket (6th grade) and then ushered me out the door. It happened so fast! I couldn't go back in and return them (because they might think I was trying to steal them-which I did, sort of) and I didn't get "caught," so I took them home. I was so riddled with guilt I confessed to my Dad the same day. I never stole anything ever again.

5) I had a baby blue satin jacket in the sixth grade. I thought I was so cool.

Oh, by the way, TAG you're it! If you're not a blogger, leave your randoms in the comment section. (Insert innocent smile here.)


Auntie said...

1) I'll have to ditto your #1.

2) I'm a perfectionist in disguise. I think that's why I don't do a whole lot at home because it would take me forever.

3) I beat a boy up in the 7th grade. I was egged on and I thought I was tough.

4) I can't lie....if told to tell a white lie such as,"tell them I'm not home" and you are there...I can't do it. I would have to avoid the situation.

5) I like going to the dentist. Nothing like having all that gunk scraped from your teeth.

Mamahollioni said...

So good to know your five randoms....I love knowing more about you, especially random stuff that may not come up in conversation otherwise. LOVE it.

Andrea Bell said...

Five randoms hmmm?


1) I once got a concussion from a boy who flipped a rope divider I was sitting on and causing my to land on my head
and the best part of that concussion was Albert Ryan (whom I had a serious crush on)carried me into the school. other than vomitting that was about all I remembered of the day and many days after.

2) I wanted to sing like an opera singer. I used to listen to Sandi Patti records and belt out the high notes. She made me sound goooooood:) ehehehhehe

3) pillows must be placed diagonally in the corners on my couch not flat. Have been known to do this to other people's pillows and couches, including store displays

4) I LOVE the sound of water (except when there is a little fountain in your room and you have to pee all night)

5) Toilet paper NEEDS to come over the top of the roll and down the front when hanging in a bathroom, NEVER behind and have been known to reverse the roll whether in a private home or public restroom

Lainie said...

Ann, honey, we need to talk. Seriously and soon!

But, I need to confess that I do switch peoples toilet paper when they put it on the roll WRONG! Over the top people, over the top. I don't like havin' to spin it over and over again trying to find the end! It should be hanging. This make have to be a post all it's own...

Andrea Bell said...

yes...I am a romantic, over achieving, sightly ADD with a touch of OCD on the side. ehhehe quite the combo eh? :) ehhehehe

I AM the combo platter :) ehehehhehe

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