Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Books of the Bible

In addition to a variety of verses and passages, this year we are assigned to memorize the books of the Bible.
Since all three kiddos already know the books of the Bible I thought I would reinforce the spelling of books of the Bible.

I picked up some of these plastic letters and they've been able to practice their spelling this way.

I've also had Kurt use these letters to spell out his spelling words this week.

Guess what?

He got 100%!

He missed two words on his first try of Lesson 1's list and one word on his first try of Lesson 2's list.

This week he got Lesson 3's words the first time out.
He was very excited :)
He gave himself a check mark, smiley face, star and wrote 100 % on his little white board.

Too cute!

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