Wednesday, September 17, 2008

At The Dinner Table

I've left the dinner table prematurely to come post this.

Leisl was checking out the Wookiepedia site and reading about the further saga of Star Wars.

(warning spoilers coming)

So the kids were having an animated conversation about the fact the Luke eventually dies and becomes a "ghost" and Princess Leia becomes a Jedi but is later killed by her own daughter who has become a Sith.

Brigitta asked, "So what happens to Han Solo?!"

Leisl, "I don't know!"

Kurt pipes up and says, "I know! I know! Luke dies and he becomes a ghost.

Princess Leia dies and she becomes a ghost, of course.

Han Solo gets older and older and older and
then he becomes Indiana Jones!"


Andrea Bell said...


that kid's brilliant!!:)

Katie and I were laughing SO HARD!!!

Lainie said...

Now you know why I had to get up from the table!

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