Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yea! We did it!

Tonight was the summer string ensemble recital. It's been a fun summer watching the kids learn how to play with other musicians.

Karl and I were honored to play the first number-a piano duet of Blessed Assurance. I think we were more nervous than the children! We practiced and practiced and practiced.

We hadn't play it clean all week--until tonight! It was a wonderful answer to prayer. Karl and I even got certificates for participating!

Can I tell you how much we LOVE our violin teacher and family? We feel like we've known them forever and they are such dear, dear friends. Their kids hang out with our kids (Jedi's in training! Ha!) and our families just love hanging out.

They all blessed me on my birthday this year. The very gifted pianist daughter (the other plays violin like Dad), the beautiful and kind flutist Mom (Marem) and of course Rodel, the 'Maestro' as we call him, came over to celebrate and together the trio played Amazing Grace as my birthday gift. Andrea was kind enough to add her delicious vocals and I tell ya, it brought tears to my eyes. It was sooo beautiful. They freely share their gifts of music as freely as they share their friendship. All the while encouraging us to play and share our music too.

I just wanted to share and encourage you "oldies" like me out there--go for it! Don't stop trying new things. Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. You might actually have fun and bless other people in the process.
For those in the Portland, OR area: check out Rodel's website (especially the bio!)

Oh and all the kids did great. We were more worried for ourselves!


Kim said...

Good for you for stepping out and trying something new. It's those new experiences that keep us all young. How fun!

Andrea Bell said...

so sad to have missed it...but I do know how wonderful you all are...and I can't wait to see the video or have a private concert:)

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