Wednesday, August 6, 2008

White Board

I know it's a little premature but I got our white board ready.
I created different "areas" on the board using an overhead projector pen.
It's a "wet erase" type pen.

I used this type of pen to write out areas such as "Memory Verse" and "Where We Are in the Bible".

I also made a grid for the subjects the children complete individually, such as math and spelling.

Next, I wrote in our first Memory Verse and our first Greek Root Word using a dry erase marker.

Sorry for the bad pics...point 'n shoot and nighttime are a bad combo. Anyhoo,

Each week I'll erase the dry erase stuff off and write the current week's verse and vocab, etc... But the area "Titles" will remain since they require a damp paper towel.

This combo pen technique also works well for the kids' chart. The kids just use a dry erase marker to initial each subject as they finish it. If I want to know where we are in any given day or for the week I just take a quick glance at the board...

and of course it's all filled in. (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

Then at the end of the week, I erase away their initials/check marks.

And we're good to go for the next week.

Oh, in case you're wondering, yes my board is normally mounted on a wall but I haven't figured out how to defy gravity for the "eraser on the board" picture and laying it down makes the grid making MUCH easier.

By the way, this would be awesome for a chore chart if you're inclined toward that sort of thing!


Paige said...

Oooh ~ Love your white board, Lainie! There may be an identical copy somewhere in NC one day soon... ;)

Kim said...

I like it. I've discovered that it's either time for a bigger white board, a second white board, or perhaps I need streamline what I put on the white board. Mine is jam packed each day with our schedule. So much so, that it's a little overwhelming to look at it all. Thanks for the post and pics. It gave me some ideas.

Lainie said...

Yea! Paige :) If you do the grids using a ruler you will get little smears. Don't worry about it. After you're all done and the wet erase ink is dry, use a damp Q-Tip to clean up smudges. FYI

Kimmers, I got a second "small" board for the fam room to use for the history and science. I wanted to leave room on the bottom of the kitchen board to actually write on while teaching. FYI

Julia said...

From a dedicated Teacher turned inventor-
I love your idea! You are a natural inventor!
I make attachable erasers for the dry erase markers- they fit all the Expos ,Trend, Rose Art and similar sizes-We also make our own.They clean up with soap and water. I would be happy to send you samples-with clips for your board. you can see them on our web site Just e-mail me for free samples- I always support parents, teachers and kids with their dry erase questions/needs- free advice- I have learned quite a bit in my travels and research- sign up for my bimonthly newsletter for ideas and tips if interested. No strings attached.

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