Wednesday, August 20, 2008

White Board #2

I've been busy today. Prepare for posting overload...

I tried having one very large white board. It was too visually dense and fried my brain.

So last year I mainly used our small board from this post. I would only use the large board if I needed a large space to teach a specific something to specific someone. It ended up being the place we collected our homophones.

This year I opted to get a second small board and split the info and increase space to write in while teaching (if I need it).

So here is the second board.

Again the titles (Science, Art, Music...) are written in wet erase. As are the subtitles (Dinosaurs of Eden, Genesis for Kids, etc..).

I write assigned pages, songs, and week #s in dry erase so I can change them each day/week without messing up the titles.

Pretty simple but it really helps I find.

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