Thursday, August 21, 2008

Story Time

See Lainie drive.
See Lainie drive very fast.

See flashing lights.
Red and blue flashing lights.

See Lainie be nauseous.
"Try not to vomit on Mr. Nice Policeman!"

With very shaky hands, hand over license, registration and proof of insurance.

Wait a really long time while everyone driving by stares at you.
Start crying and turn red in the nose. Blow nose.

Thank nice officer man for your ticket.
Circle September 2 on calendar for court date.

See Lainie drive.
See Lainie drive very slowly.

The End


Meghan said...

uh oh :(

Andrea Bell said...

See ann...see ann cry...see ann excercise her spiritual gift of mercy and cry for poor lainie!!!

Auntie said...

You? I can't believe it.

Kim said...

Oh Bummer!!!!!!! My heart just dropped into my stomach as I read this post. Hmmm, didn't you write a post not too long ago about the "Slippery When Wet" signs or something like that? I can certainly learn from your experience (sorry you had to experience it though!) All of us who are home educating, or sending our kids off to school need to do that this time of year, and when we forget to do it for ourselves, God sends Helpers to remind us...Big Grin :-)))) and ((((Big Hug))))

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