Saturday, August 30, 2008

Household Tip #6: Rewards Key Tags

I love the convenience of key tag cards for rewards or memberships.
However, I've worn through several key hole parts so they no longer stay on my key ring.

To reinforce intact tags and/or to repair torn tags, I use my eyelet setter.

Here is an intact tag that I want to reinforce-

I grab a large eyelet and my most favorite tool: The Crop-A-Dile***

I set the eyelet in there and give the Crop a little squeeze...


Here are my keys with a repaired Haggen (grocery store) tag-

If you click on the picture, I think you can see how worn the card is by the hole.
The eyelet really closed the gap and it's secure now.

Works for me...

(If you don't have a Crop-A-Dile, a little FYI. You can probably pick-up the first version for cheaper because the new version, Big Bite, just came out. I gave Mamahollioni my pink one and picked up a lime green. My new one came in a carrying case complete with a variety of eyelets for $29 at Paper Zone. Personally, I would love to have a Big Bite because you can set an eyelet 6 inches into a project but, ouch, it has a Big Bite price of $49. I might have to put it on my Wish List ;)

For other great tips, be-bop over to Rocks In My Dryer!


Meghan said...

ooooh, I want one!! :)

safdar ali said...

So nice Homemade key tag. I appreciate your work.

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safdar ali said...
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