Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Organizing Supplies

The cabinets are great. But I really had to pray about the best way to organize our supplies.

What did I end up with? Individual, stackable, drawer containers that I found here.

I used my Brother P-Touch label maker to make the labels.
By having all extra supplies all in one place, I am hoping to avoid either running out or over-buying.

A less expensive alternative would be plastic, lidded shoe bins. The downside: if you stack them you will have to pull out and re-arrange to get to the wanted bin. Upside: they're cheap. They sell Steri-lite ones at the Dollar Tree.


Andrea Bell said... are becoming quite a good organizer Mrs. Magsarili...I am proud of you!!!

Lainie said...

Coming from YOU, that is a compliment indeed. I'm truly honored.

Erna said...

How wonderful! I'll have to keep these in mind when we get cupboards for our basement and I get into organizational mode. I found your blog by another MFW blog. Do you have notes on other years? We are currently doing Adventures.

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