Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympic Qualifying Time!

By a lovely young woman named Wendy at the Crawfish Crawl. She clocked in at 18.00.5 mins for the 3.1 miles.
I made it to the end and achieved my goal. My official time was 42.19.3 mins. I was the 344th runner out of the 366 that finished.

No summer Olympics for me any time soon (except on TV) but I'm good with that! Hearing my husband, children and the one and only Andrea cheering me at the finish was so satisfying.

Here are some pics hubby was kind enough to take.

That's marathoner Julie B. with me. She was very patient with my old, tired self!

Thanks to Andrea who captured me crossing the line.

This was right after I crossed the finish line.

Oh, I learned three new things! A hat/cap is now called a lid ('cause I won a cool Mizuno one), running shoes are called kicks and the number thingy that you pin on is a BIB! Ha! Learn something new everday...


Meghan said...

Yay Lainie! You go girl!

Meghan said...

Yay Lainie... you go girl!

Paige said...

WOW! Congrats, Lainie ~ I'm so inspired!!! :)

Kim said...

Yaaayyyyy! You look great! Doesn't it feel good to finish! I love it! I'm so glad that you posted pictures of your race. Good job Miss Lainie, I'm so proud of you!

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