Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Little "Lockers"--Edited--new find in 2009

The original post is down below and what we did in 2008 worked great-- in 2008.

However, with a 7th grader and the amount of work increase, etc... we have out grown the XL magazine holder.

Back to The Container store I went (and I'm sooo glad I did) to find something they call the
"Multi-purpose Bin" for $4.99

Oh. Wow. This thing is awesome! You'd think I worked for these people the way I get so excited :D hee hee

Anyway, with these bins I was able to organize the math manipulatives, games, etc...--

Since we upgraded to a more heavy-duty binder we needed something bigger to hold two.
These do with room to spare--

Now the whole cabinet is organized instead of chaotic--

These bins are also great for organizing freezers, under sink cabinets, Legos, etc...


Our eldest loves educating at home. However, being a 6th grader, she is a little sad about not having a locker at school.

We considered buying her a locker from IKEA. But it cost way more than we wanted to spend and we don't really have room/desire for another "thing" in the house.

What to do, what to do...

While I was pondering what to do I remembered that I wanted to corral each child's things in a simple, easy to use way this year.

What to do, what to do...

I ended up choosing extra large, clear lucite/acrylic magazine holders.

They are large enough to hold their history binder, Singapore math books, spiral math book and Spelling spiral notebook with room to spare.

The kids are going to decorate inserts themselves but I did one as an example.

First I measured both the front panel and the back.

Then I cut some paper to fit-

and made a tag for name, etc...

I attached it using a few very small pieces of tape since it's temporary for this post. It did the job.
You could use a glue dots, double-stick tape, or even a tiny drop of Elmer's on the four corners to give it a bit more permanence.

Oooh, if you have a Post-It glue stick you could smack some of that on the face of it (top and bottom) and then it would be re-positionable and would not harm the surface.

Note to self: pick up Post-It glue stick at Staple

Here's what the inserts look like:

My printer is out of ink so I couldn't do this for "real."
For a "locker" theme, I was thinking about using a combination lock image to decorate the eldest's inserts.

Something like so...

(The magic of Photoshop...ahhhh)

Here the holder is filled-

There is plenty of room for an extra notebook or workbook.

(X-large Clear Magazine Holder from The Container Store $19.99)

Edited to add:

Lisa M. on the MFW message board shared major genius--since we keep our holders in the cabinet, we now lay them sideways so the kids don't have to wrestle them in and out!
Genius I tell you!

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Ooooo, Love it! I'm so stealing this idea for Paige!

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