Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's Cabinet Day!!!

I'm exhausted but I had to post.

Our long awaited cabinets were installed today. I can begin our home school year with an uncluttered brain (and family room).

Here they are...

Thank you Mamahollioni for the chair!

That's our Book Basket--can't wait to see it filled!

This is bliss for me...better than chocolate-seriously.
I mean check out this storage!

What have we here?! Enough storage for a child!!
Incredible :)

Two children?!

Classic literature and a light saber flashlight--
sounds about right.

I wonder, does this qualify as a room addition?


Andrea Bell said...

ahhhh....peace and containment...of course I am talking about the containment of the stuff not the children...cough cough cough:) ehhehehe I LOVE cubby holes!!!

Mary Lou said...

Dacia Grace thinks that the new beds look very comfy and cozy....a great place to sleep! LOL!

Mamahollioni said...

Wow! They turned out great. I can imagine how good it feels to start out the school year that organized.

Kim said...

So fantastic!!!!! That's just a perfect setup for that room and I can totally imagine how wonderful and peaceful you must be feeling right about now. Big sigh....Now on with the show!

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