Thursday, July 3, 2008

Where's Brigitta?

That is the question I always seem to be asking. Brigitta is our textbook "middle child". A little shy (as shy as one of my children could possibly be) and a little quiet. She has a knack of disappearing. Usually she is off reading somewhere. But sometimes I holler, "Where's Brigitta?" only to discover we are in the same room. She has perfect comedic timing and is always making us laugh.

For example, we were all at the kitchen table eating dinner. My dad was recounting how he and Brigitta were go-Kart buddies at the Family Fun Center. While he was telling us all about it, Brigitta was quietly eating her dinner. She didn't say a word and didn't even seem to be paying attention to the conversation. Papa, as my dad is called by almost everyone, gave Brigitta an elbow jab just as he is saying, "We had a real good time, huh?"
She looked him over very seriously and said, "Excuse me? Have we met?"
We were laughing to tears.

This is a glimpse of our sweet, silly Brigitta.

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