Monday, July 7, 2008

Warning: Way Too Much 411

Liesl & I both got up early to see The Captain off to work. After he left, I sat down in my chair to read my bible while Liesl sat and did some math. After a little bit Liesl decided she was going to go back to bed until 7:30. She looked out the window just as she was leaving and said, "Oh, pretty clouds!"
Me: (looking up very startled) "Clouds?! It's supposed to sunny all week!!"
Liesl: "It'll come out."
Me: "It better I need some sunshine."
Liesl: (smiling sweetly) "I'm your sunshine." (Giving me a big hug)
Me: (smiling back and hugging her) "Oh well in that case I guess I never have to be grumpy ever again."
Liesl: (while still hugging me & in the sweetest little voice) "Unless Sunshine's on her period."
Me: "Okay thank you very much. Go back to bed."


Andrea Bell said...

heheheheh...I hear that...but still a sweet girl:) hehehee

Kimclogs said...

Oh, I laughed out loud till tears came! I love Abby!

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