Friday, July 25, 2008

Re-formatting Printer

To go with the vocabulary cards, here are instructions that should work with most printers when printing out of Word.

If your printer will allow you to customize your paper size, you can create a Word Document with a colored border and print right onto the index card.

Open Word and select New Blank Document.
Under File, select Page Setup
Change Paper Size to 4 x 6 borderless. Save Changes

Now with your blank document on the screen find FORMAT. There s/b a drop down, select Borders and Shading.

There s/b three tabs to choose from. Select PAGE Border

Setting: Click BOX
Style: Click the solid line
Color: Select either green or red depending on Greek or Latin words
Width: Select either 4 1/2 point or 6 point

Apply to: Whole Document

Don't leave this page yet. There s/b an options button. Click it and a margin window should pop-up. Set the margins to 10 pt on all four sides.
For Measure From: select edge of page. Hit 'OK'. Then Hit OK again.

You should now be back to your document which will still look BLANK.

Hit the print button and a preview should come up and you will see the border.

Make sure it looks right. Adjust margins, etc... as needed and print a test card. Make sure card is loaded in the same orientation as it was set-up (vertical most likely) and that you are printing on the blank side (not the lined side).

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