Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Other "Pie"

miscel(Lainie)ous is my other active blog. I finally put enough info together to get started. Most of the posts on there right now are for people who are "investigating" home schooling. It's not complete but there is a good chunk of information under the label "a heart at home".

If you notice any glaring typos or hideous grammar please let me know. Most of the work I did on that stuff was late at night. Sometimes I zzzzzzz tend to zzzzzzzz drift off zzzzzzzzzz.

I also posted some fairly recent art work under the label "a hand that holds".

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Andrea Bell said...

I bet you are sooo tired today? Girl you were up late..er...I mean early:) Checked out the new site..Looks great!!!:)

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