Friday, July 25, 2008

Making Vocabulary Cards

I cleaned the office a little. It wasn't very fast moving work. I thought I would liven it up by multi-tasking.

This year the kiddos will learn Greek root words (and Latin roots next year).
The author recommends edging the front of the index cards in
green for Greek
cards and
red for Rome (Latin) cards.

With three kids and 50-ish words this year, that is a lot of edging.
Sooo, while I cleaned the office I printed green borders on the cards.
Now they are all ready!

The students will write the definition on the back of each card.

They'll get to write back here.

The author suggests the teacher writing in blue ink the Greek word on the front of the card. Multiplied by three, again too much work. Since I had already formatted the printer to print directly on the index card I just ran each card back through.
This time the Greek root word was printed on each card.

They are all done. It was really simple and they look great.
The office on the other hand...

Well, there's always tomorrow :)


Anonymous said...

HI Tita Lainie, I have some Greek root words for you! We just took them up in language arts, and I still remember some. Here.
helio - sun
acro - heights
bio - life
therm - temperature
ped - foot/child
cycl - around
athl - competition
chron - time
strato - layerlike, sheetlike
mono - one
bi - two
penta - five

Lainie said...

Sorry, I thought of more. By the way, this is Midee. Sorry about the anonymity.
phon - sound
micro- small
macro - big
cephalo - head
deca - ten
herpeto - reptile
This is all I can think of right now. I know they're all floating around in my head, I just can't think of all of them at once.

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