Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Keepin' it Real and being, well, scary

I know, no excuses, but I am still tired from sleeping beauty's virus.
I am appreciating my recent bout with health as I am reminded what my sick-normal life was like.
How did I live like that for soooo long?

I'm stalling. How are you? See, still stalling. Oh, alright. The nightstand is updated and it's not better than last week. TM and new school books are happily collected all around my bed.
After I look everything over it'll be gone.
But for now, you know, watch where you walk!

Now for the scary. (dun,dun,duuuuuh) The dreaded office. Re-organizing always looks worst before it gets better, right? Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
"I can explain Officer, really." What? I know stalling. I'm a band-aid ripper off-er by nature so here we go. The office in all of it's very cluttered glory.

(I can't look...)

Yes as a matter of fact I did select "small" for the image size.
Give a girl a break will ya.
And no I don't know why I have dental floss on my desk when I do that in that bathroom.


Andrea Bell said...

hehehehe....that's not that bad!!!! Give yourself a big BEE Booop for effort...the rest looks fabulous!!!!

Kim said...

Oh I love it! Your kitchen and living room look fantastic! Don't worry about the office. It'll get there. Remember it's all a process sweetie, a process. Have you seen my bedroom? No, there's a reason for that, LOL!

Alicen said...

Girl, that's nothing! Have you seen my desk? I just found a mug on my desk that had old tea in it with nice green mold floating on it- gross! I guess my excuse is that I'm a busy mom- I get distracted & my space gets the least attention! That can be your excuse too! :)I love it- Keep'n it real! You go sista!

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