Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's Time

We've been having waaaayyyy too much fun this summer. How do I know this?

Our house is a MESS!

It's totally driving me crazy. As a way to externally motivate myself, I'm threatening to take pictures of every single room and closet of my house and post them on this site.

Yes, I know it's crazy to threaten yourself but desperate times call for desperate measures. I've given myself until Monday to clean this joint up. And yes I do have three little helpers. They're not quite voluntary but they'll do.

Yesterday I pulled everything out of the kitchen (so NOT Fly Lady protocol) and cleaned it and put back what was going back. I still have one laundry basket full of ?stuff? that has to be contended with. But other than that it was very satisfying.

Today it's been the family room. I'm exhausted but I can't stop. Some sort of weird psychosis I think. I'm posting right now just to make myself sit for a few minutes.

Oooh, sitting is bad.

Because now I'm thinking (which can be dangerous) plus I'm leaning towards a nap.

Did I mention I'm exhausted?

What was I thinking about? Hmmm... oh yeah, now I got it. I was starting to get really irritated by all the clutter in our house.

And How come no one ever picks up! yadda yadda yadda.

My dear hubby works hard, long hours so that I can stay home and be with the chillins'.

I leave my stuff all over the place probably more than they do. See my nightstand for confirmation of this. So, I figure, when my stuff is neat and organized then I can holler at everybody else. But until then, I needed to be quiet and do my job for crying out loud.

Yup, this is exactly the pep talk I needed.

I had better get off this computer and start cleaning again. If I'm not finished by Monday, you may be forced to look at really scary pictures.

The swift kick I needed.

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Kim said...

I think most of us have days/weeks like this...about once a month for me:-) I always tucker out right in the middle of the project. Not something I'd recommend becuase them I have half finished projects laying around to add to the clutter. But that's just me. Good for you for getting in there and getting it done girlfriend. Don't be too hard on yourself though, and break it down to one room at a time. Then it feels less ominous.

Have fun!

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