Saturday, July 5, 2008

Introducing: Papa

What's a Nana without a Papa?
This is Papa. Everyone should have a Papa like ours! When I was sick all the time, he drove me to all my appointments. When something breaks, he fixes it. When we need rice for dinner, he cooks it. When I get one of my crazy ideas, he makes it a reality. When the kids want a story at dinner, he tells it. When the garden needs tending, he tends it. When my hands are full and I need an errand run, he runs it. Like I said, everyone should have a Papa like ours. We do loan him out occasionally. He was just installing a light fixture, curtain rod and who knows what else at Julie's next door! He has re-wired a lamp for Lisa. He has fixed a chair or two for Holli. He's made little footstools for the gals at church who, like Nana, are on the petite side. Now their bibles don't slide off their knees!
We are all called to be servants like our Lord Jesus. If you want to know what that looks like in real, everyday life you don't have to look any farther than Papa. He serves without complaint, never looking for a compliment, and never expecting re-payment (although he would never turn down a gift card to Home Depot, Woodcrafters or the Olive Garden). Quick to laugh, slow to anger and ever thoughtful, he is faith that works.
So if you ever want a great bowl of chicken curry, a tall glass of raspberry lemonade or just some encouragement, stop by Papa's Place. You won't be disappointed.

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Andrea Bell said...

yep...that's papa:) I love papa:)

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