Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Household Tip #5: Lemon Cubes

More fun with lidded ice cube trays! Our very own Nana buys a giant bag of lemons, juices them (i.e. Papa does it) and pours the juice into ice cube trays. We thaw a cube or two for use in: salad dressing or other recipes, a dip for seafood, etc...

The whole process doesn't take too long and helps keep fresh lemon juice on hand.

Here are a few thoughts on buying lemons.

•For the freshest cubes, buy real lemons not a concentrate. We get the big bag from Costco. If you only want to make one tray at a time you can get a smaller bag at the grocery store or just buy as many lemons as needed.
Drawback- more time needed to juice.

•For the fastest cubes, buy the large bottles of ReaLemon from Costco and pour into trays. The frozen cubes will keep much longer than the refrigerated juice. I always seem to need lemon juice a week or two after my 2/3 full bottle has expired. Drawback-not as fresh as, well, fresh!

•For the nicest looking lemons, try looking in the seafood department. The fish guy at Haggen told me most grocery stores get nicer lemons sent to their department and I have noticed that it's true.

•For the healthiest lemons, you can buy organic. The question is, for the amount of lemon juice being consumed at any one time is the price difference really worth it? You decide.

A short word on juicing.

If you have a juicer fantastic!
If you have a KitchenAid mixer, did you know they make an attachment for juicing?
They do and it works great!

For hand juicing, it helps to set the juicer on the kitchen table instead of the counter
(unless you're really tall). Having the work surface lower allows you better leverage. You might want to put a towel under the juicer for "sticky" prevention.

For whatever juicer you use, I encourage you to cut all the lemons in half before you start.
Wet, juicy hands + sharp knife + moving machinery=Trip to ER, possibly. Remember, BE SAFE!

Finally, if this "ice cube thing" becomes something you do regularly, buy ice cube trays with different colored lids or at least label somehow. Designate certain trays for garlic only.
If you fill a "garlic only" tray with lemon juice, your juice may have a hint of garlic to it.
Consider yourself warned!

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