Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Household Tip #3: Garlic Cubes

We love using fresh garlic in our cooking. However, I don't like having to peel them every time I cook. We love buying the peeled garlic cloves available at Costco. However, the quantity is so large and the expiration date so short that we never go through the whole container before it goes bad. We hate wasting food. So, what to do?

Well our very brilliant Nana has the answer.

She buys the Christopher Ranch peeled garlic cloves from Costco.

Then she cuts the ends off and minces the cloves in a food processor.

She spoons the garlic into lidded (to contain odors) ice cube trays and places them into the freezer.

It's amazing how much flavor they retain! You can pull out one cube at a time (use a fork). Or you can pop them all out after they are frozen and store them in a freezer bag. One cube of minced garlic is approximately equal to 4 cloves. It thaws very quickly and you can use it the way you would fresh garlic.

Fresh, Fast, Fabulous!


Kimclogs said...

A lidded ice cube tray...awesome idea! how about sticking toothpicks in each cube prior to freezing and then putting plastic wrap over the top to contain odor? I wonder if that would work as well. Hmmm...anyway, great idea thanks for sharing.

Lainie said...

Plastic wrap won't do it!! Your whole freezer will smell like garlic!

~Cyndi said...

Thanks for linking me back here! I'm glad I read it again before trying. I was ready to use the teeny tiny cocktail cube tray that we freeze lemon juice in. I don't want a garlic-y freezer, though, that would be bad. This is just such a handy tip. I'll have to check out lidded trays.

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