Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hidden Treasures

I love cleaning! You can find all kinds of good things you didn't know you had. Ta-dah! This is my new read. I love Ron Mehl
(Jesus please give Ron a hug from me) and I am enjoying this book very, very much.

Here is a teaser from Chapter 2, page 23:
What Temptation Is

Temptation, at its core, is a shortcut.

It's the fast track to quick results. Satan's strategy against Christians usually suggests we do three things:
move quickly, think shallowly, and invest deeply.

When we move quickly we are prone to surrender to the unbridled desires of the flesh. The flesh is driven by sudden urges and fleeting passions, not by deliberate convictions.

When we think shallowly we don't take the time to weigh and consider the ramifications or consequences of our choices.

When we invest ourselves deeply in an action, attitude, or thought pattern it becomes increasingly difficult to withdraw.

Temptation masquerades as better, quicker, and easier, but is in the end a more expensive and painful way. Its offerings are deceptive and always second best... temptation looks, sounds and feels good on the surface. But beneath its facade, the reward is short-term and the consequences are long-term.

He's good huh?


Andrea Bell said...

ahhhh...I love Ron Mehl...everytime I happen to be in the car at just the right time to hear his voice it makes me smile...that is a good book:) Not that he has any bad ones. That was a timely and tastey nugget:)

Lainie said...

Well I'm sorry to hear that you like this book! 'Cuz I just noticed YOUR name written in the front cover!! I'm supposing you're gonna want it back after I'm done huh? :)

Andrea Bell said... is the funniest part about this...I am AMAZED that I got that organized as to actually put my name on a book...ehehehhe

Surprise! You can have it...I have ebay at my fingers:) ehehehehhe You can read it and watch Small One and think of me..heheehehehe

Lainie said...

It was not my idea to hijack your Small One! You can talk to The Man about that one.

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