Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Gentle Reminder

As per previous two posts, I've been cleaning. Although there is a ton to be done, one fact remains. Our whole family can work like crazy people this next week getting rid of clutter and cleaning up. But guess what? In another week no one will be able to tell.

Newsflash! [On this side of heaven] There will always be dishes and laundry waiting to be done. Dust? Oh, dust is here to stay. You can send it on a short vacation but you can never get rid of it forever.

I'm not giving up on tidying our abode. I'm still getting rid of lots we don't need or use that could bless someone else. But in the middle of my clutter combat I came across something I wrote back in 2001.

It's titled, Summer's Bounty. I haven't read it in years but I stopped and read it tonight. I realized that I was needing a remedial lesson in priorities. The Lord was kind enough to give me a gentle reminder that my relationship with Him isn't based on my work and effort. Our relationship is based on His blood and His love for me. Yes there are day to day tasks that I need to do in order to care for our family. But my cleaning frenzy these last two days eclipsed my true need to sit at His feet.

I've been Martha instead of Mary.

Two days of Martha on top of three days of being Lazarus in my sick bed. Has it really been five days without an extended time with my Jesus? If Karl were gone for five days I'd be cuckoo. We would talk on the phone at least once a day if it were possible.
How did I not talk to Him for that long and not even notice?

I have no good answer. But I do have a remedy. Based on Revelation 2:5, Remember, Repent, and Repeat.
Remember what my life was like before Jesus washed it clean.
Repent (make a U-turn)
Repeat the things I used to do when Jesus first made me His Bride.

I think the band Telecast says it best in their song "Remember"

Remember repent and repeat
Come fall at the Saviors feet
Let us leave the dry land
And rest in God's plan
Where all who are thirsty can drink
We are the ones who believed
In Jesus our Savior and King
We are held in His hand
And rest in His plan
Where all who are thirsty can drink

We're down on our knees
We're closing our eyes
We're hiding Your word deep inside
And Lord You know that we will always serve You
We're down on our knees
We're closing our eyes
We're hiding Your word deep inside
And Lord You know that we will always love You

For those interested, "Summer's Bounty" is posted in its entirety on miscel(Lainie)ous.


Kim said...

I have a confession: I'm all to often Martha. It's something I've been working on this summer specifically because, frankly, it's exhausting and deceptive. When I'm Martha I'm convinced that I'm being a good host/mother/friend because of my constant laboring, and you can see that I'm doing a good job because the house is clean, the kids are clean, the food is cooked etc. However, God has shown me that as a result of my singlemindedness I have put a lot of stress on my children and my husband and it doesn't really bless them. Instead it upsets them. Also, our guests are uncomfortable here because I never sit down and relax, so they can't relax. Which means we have fewer guests. So...I've "lowered my standard". Not that it's low at all, but in my mind that's what I've done. Now, my house may not be as clean or the food cooked as nicely, but when people come over I force myself to relax, sit and visit and enjoy their company. I don't feel as anxious as I once did, my kids are happier, my husband is happier and I don't yell as much. That's all good stuff! Praise God!

Lainie said...

Amen sista friend! BTW I personally never had a hard time kickin' it at your house. I just always wished mine was as clean as yours!

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