Saturday, July 26, 2008

Creation to the Greeks: Getting Ready!

Well our box is unpacked and we've had a chance to look at most of our stuff for school this year. We are all very excited! We are starting the first year of a four-year chronological study through history.
This year is called Creation to the Greeks since that is the time period we're studying.

For our studies in Bible/History we will use:
our Bible and these books-

For science we have:

For language arts we use
and a little extra for the eldest

Writing for the girls with

for the girls and Spelling by Sound and Structure for the boy.

Greek vocabulary for all (Latin next year) using

Music and Art:

and in addition to various library books we will read aloud these:

All three do Singapore Math (5a & b, 3a & b and 2a & b respectively) and perhaps we'll do some Learning Vitamins math drills while we're at it.

Thankfully MFW provides an excellent teacher's manual so we'll know what to do and when!

We'll also squeeze in some Rosetta Stone Hebrew for a foreign language.

It looks like a busy and wonderfully rich year.

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Carol said...

I've wondered about the Rosetta Stone Hebrew. We're doing Spanish this year. What made you decide on Hebrew. Let us know how you like it Rosetta Stone style.


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