Saturday, July 12, 2008


My home page on our computer is One Place.

This morning I watched the titles of the sermons to see if one caught my eye to listen to. Usually a picture of the pastor/teacher is displayed along with the name of his/her ministry. Well, the sermon that caught my eye was titled, "Lucifer's Greatest Blunder". It was strange that of all the sermons on there this morning this was the only one that didn't have a photo and ministry name. I clicked on it anyway and when the page came up, the photo and ministry name were there. I laughed. You see, I was doing my morning devotion and having a little brekky (breakfast) before I went on a run. The ministry name? Running to Win. It cracked me up.

But as I listened to the sermon about the creation and fall of Lucifer (Satan) I was reminded of a few things. Lucifer's job was to make sure that all the glory went to the Lord. Pastor Lutzer taught out of Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28, which reveals how Lucifer was filled with pride and wanted to lay hold of some of God's glory for himself.

Pride, being the root of all sin, is behind every struggle we have as believers. It doesn't take a whole lot to be very destructive. All it takes is keeping a little of the glory due God for ourselves.

I felt compelled to run for the first time in my life on Wednesday. On that post, I wrote that I had run 1/4 mile and Jesus ran the rest. I was wrong. Jesus ran all of it. The fact that I could get up this morning and take a breath is by His grace and grace alone. I don't want my hands or my heart to lay hold of the glory that it due our Lord and Savior now or ever. I'm grateful that Jesus provided His Spirit in me to continually point me back to Him and the cross where His grace is perfected.

Lord, we thank you for the work of the cross and the freedom Your blood provides. May we resist the impulses of the flesh to keep what doesn't belong to us. ALL glory and honor and praise belong to You. Thank you for every step and every breath we take. May everything we do, think, and say give glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus who is worthy of our praise.
Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for Thou hast created all things, and for Thy pleasure they are and were created. Rev 4:11


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I've learned through the marathons I've run that you can train as much as you want with a specific goal in mind, but race day you wake up and you either have it or you don't. But now I realize that IF you wake up you do have it...but like all things, how it unfolds is entirely in the hands of our Lord...the ability to run is there, how you finish is up to you and when you finish is up to Him. If reaching your goal is His is easy. If missing your goal by 3 minutes or 30 minutes will lead you to His goal, then that is to be my goal. Every marathon, every day, is a journey into the center of His will and a laying down of mine. If we submit we can endure all things according to His grace, mercy and power and we are drenched in the tears of gladness and the sweat of a race run well. All I know is this, I want to finish each day well...steeped in His well of refreshing.

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