Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Liesl, what are you doing?

If "where" is my question for Brigitta then "what" is my question for Liesl.
Liesl is always doing something. Usually she is trying to do multiple somethings at the same time. All throughout the day I ask,
"Liesl, what are you doing?"

Here are typical responses:
•practicing my violin
•doing math
•reading some more
•eating ("Again?!")
•goofing around on the piano ("Pleassssse not Kookabura again.")
•reading while goofing around on the piano
•taking the 492nd picture of a sunset
•reading while eating

She recently bought herself a Ripstik. Now her and her friend Audrey can Ripstik together and hopefully not smash in their faces. I went outside to find out, you guessed it, what was Liesl doing.

The answer took the cake. Literally.

She was riding her Ripstik AND eating a slice of cake she got from the neighbors!

I wish you could see me rolling my eyes...

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Kimclogs said...

That is so funny. I can completely relate! I love the Ripstik. I tried to stand on my neighbors once... not easy. Way to go Abby!

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